Image of Ruby  (The Jewels Of Texas)


Image of Ruby  (The Jewels Of Texas)

The fourth and final Jewel of Texas series takes flamboyant Ruby Jewel into the arms of a staid U.S. Marshall. Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Ruby had come to Texas to see her father's grave and discovered an entire family she never knew existed.

Now that her sisters are married, Ruby is ready to fulfill her dream and open a dress shop in Hanging Tree. There has been an underlying attraction between U.S. Marshall Quent Regan and Ruby for a while, but Ruby's red satin dresses and flamboyant Louisiana attitudes shock the staid marshal.

He comes back from his rounds to meet a peddler who claims he's been robbed by Ruby! She calls this "petite vengeance," her own form of justice against a cheating salesman.

Quent arrests Ruby, but her sisters get her released and everything seems to be peaceful. Ruby begins building her shop, starting her business and making peace with Quent-in fact, one night after a family dinner he stays and makes Ruby his own.

However, when one of her clients claims to have been robbed, Quent forgets their passionate night and drags Ruby off to jail. Even when she's cleared of the crime, Ruby is hurt by Quent's betrayal. Quent begins acting like a bear with a wounded paw on the night of the town's social. But when Ruby's captured by the outlaw he's been hunting, they join forces to catch the criminal.

Fun, light and vintage Ruth Langan, RUBY is a delightful ending to a memorable series. For those of you who have never met the Jewel family, Ruby is a fine introduction and will send you searching for the other three sisters' stories. Catch this before it flies off the shelves. SENSUAL (Oct., 350 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager