Image of The Ruby Dice (Skolian Empire)


Image of The Ruby Dice (Skolian Empire)

This newest novel in the Skolian series may be interesting for current fans but will fail to capture new readers. Asaro relies on backstory for nearly the first half of the book, rehashing history and making it hard to become involved. Unsympathetic characters also are hard to connect with.

Kelric, the Imperator of the Skolian line, has a past that would shock and horrify his aristocratic peers. When he must choose between keeping his secrets or saving the homeland of his wife and children, intrigue abounds.

Jaibriol, the young, untested emperor of the Eubian Concord, is not without his own secrets. Will centuries of cold war between the empires result in war or everlasting peace? (BAEN, Jan., 400 pp., $23.00)
Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs