The sex in this sassy novel ratchets up the heat while the adventure is nonstop. Dean's story of good vamp versus bad vamp is done in a modern western style, with fun characters, a fair amount of humor and an exciting plot.

Serena Darville needs to find a certain diamond bracelet to get a loan shark off her dad's back. Too bad it's in the hands of the owner of a vampire bar. She has more than she can handle until she reluctantly teams up with cop Max Markow. Just one problem -- oops, he's a vampire too.

Of course, Max and Serena are caught and locked in a basement, where their attraction grows. But she's afraid of his need to feed, and he just needs to get them out of there. Once freed, the two set a trap for the goons after Serena's father. (, dl $6.00)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown