Image of Ruin Falls: A Novel


Image of Ruin Falls: A Novel

Milchman explores every mother’s worst nightmare in her tense follow-up to Cover of Snow. Her work seems to feature a recurring theme of untrustworthy husbands, but the storyline is tight and suspenseful. Milchman has a gift that allows her to delve deep into the mind and psyche of her characters, and fans of dark plots like the works of Gillian Flynn will find another author to savor.

Liz Daniels, her husband and their two children are on vacation when the unthinkable happens: Liz wakes up in a seemingly safe hotel room with her husband beside her, but the kids are gone. As she digs for answers, Liz recoils in horror when her husband disappears as well, and all evidence points to him being responsible for their kids’ kidnapping. Liz begins a soul-searching journey to rescue her family and get answers. (BALLANTINE, Apr., 352 pp., $26.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jeff Ayers