Image of Project Paper Doll: The Rules


Image of Project Paper Doll: The Rules

Readers will be unable to put down Kade’s first Project Paper Doll title. Ariane starts out seemingly distant, but slowly the readers are clued in to her intelligence, kindness and loyalty. The plot, which ends with a huge twist, has many layers and nary a dull moment. Another highlight is Ariane’s genuine relationship with Zane. Now to wait for the sequel!

Ariane perfectly plays the part of just another invisible human, yet she is anything but. For years Ariane has been hiding from the lab where she was created with a mix of human and extraterrestrial DNA — a lab that will do anything to get their precious project back. Her ability to blend in only 10 miles from where she was made is crucial to her own freedom — and also her adoptive father’s survival. But a prank on her only friend puts Ariane on everyone’s social radar, specifically Rachel Jacobs, granddaughter of the man who experimented mercilessly on her, and Zane Bradshaw, the first person to ever really see Ariane as something other than invisible. Suddenly Ariane is struggling to keep up the charade. (HYPERION, Apr., 416 pp., $17.99, ISBN: 9781423153283, HC, 12 & Up)
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Julie Knowles