With her school for governesses a success, Hannah Stetterington decides it is time for her to fulfill a promise to herself. She returns home to uncover the secrets surrounding her birth. But to do this she takes a position as companion to Lord Raeburns elderly, adorable and dotty aunt.

New to his title and rumored to have killed his wife, Dougald needs all the help he can get, except from the woman who arrives at his isolated castle: his runaway wife.

Hannah is stunned to face her one-time husband, a man she once loved but who was smothering her so badly that she ran off. Why has he allowed everyone to believe he may have murdered her, and just what is she going to do about the feelings his presence has rekindled?

Christina Dodd knows how to write a romance brimming over with wit and poignancy. The hilarious dotty old ladies, the wonder of falling in love a second time and the touching reconciliation between Hannah and all her family will bring a deep sigh to readers. RULES OF ATTRACTION is a most fitting conclusion to a memorable trilogy since all the characters are called into play to see Hannah happy at last. SENSUAL (Mar., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin