Image of Rules of Engagement (Warner Forever)


Image of Rules of Engagement (Warner Forever)

Fresh, exciting and utterly charming, RULES OF ENGAGEMENT is a dynamite
debut by a talent you won't want to miss. Caskie perfectly balances humor, history
and sensuality in a smart and sparkling romance that quite simply captivates. Make room on the keeper shelves!

When Lady Eliza Merri-weather's two spinster aunts find a book called The Rules of Engagement and assume the war strategy handbook is a manual for catching a husband, they extract a promise from their niece to follow their rules for one London season.

But Eliza has some plans of her own. She makes a bargain with penniless Lord Magnus MacKinnon to pose as her suitor while she finds him an heiress to marry. But Magnus' purr of a brogue and heated kisses are almost Eliza's undoing.

Combine the couple's heat with her aunts' unabashed matchmaking (playing violins for the lovers, locking them in a room and arousing jealousy and mayhem at every turn), and there's simply no way their charade can last. They're destined to fall in love.

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin