Image of Rules of an Engagement (The Adventurers' Club)


Image of Rules of an Engagement (The Adventurers' Club)

For her Adventure Club series Enoch has created some remarkable heroes, but in her latest edition she presents a wonderfully unconventional, delightful heroine, to say nothing of the heart-pounding escapades and sensuality aplenty that will keep you engaged.

After clearing the Mediter-ranean of pirates, Captain Bradshaw Carroway has been assigned to escort passengers to the Pacific Islands. Among them is botanist’s daughter Zephyr Ponsey. Though sure of herself as her father’s assistant, Zephyr is unsure of herself as a woman and uncertain of how to handle Shaw’s teasing and the other women passengers’ advice. As they travel through the Pacific, encountering friendly tribes, gathering plant and insect specimens, surviving battles, storms and enemies, Shaw sees that Zephyr is the woman for him and must convince her she is perfect. (AVON, Nov., 480 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin