Gina Maxwell scores another success with the second of her Fighting for Love series, bringing together two remarkably complex characters in a steamy tropical paradise. Though a bit slow to get started, the author's talent for combining blazing hot scenes with genuinely moving romance ensures that the story that develops is as intense and sensual as it is emotional. The character’s journeys are riveting and profound. Series fans will delight in the return of several familiar faces, and new readers will have no trouble settling into this sizzling story.

Feisty district attorney Vanessa McGregor has come to Hawaii in order to finalize plans for her best friend’s wedding. She is determined everything goes flawlessly. Within minutes of landing, however, Vanessa realizes she will be working with Jackson Maris, the undeniably sexy brother of the bride, and everything that Vanessa has sworn to avoid in men. She has lived her life according to seven ironclad rules, and refuses to be seduced into breaking any of them. But when Jax creates an excuse to ensure that he and Vanessa spend every moment in close quarters, they both quickly realize that sometimes true love requires breaking all the rules. (ENTANGLED, March 2013, 247 pp., $3.79)

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Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown