Image of Rules for a Lady (A Lady's Lessons, Book 1)


Image of Rules for a Lady (A Lady's Lessons, Book 1)

This is a fast-paced Cinderella story about false identity and an independent womans battle against a mans autocratic rules.

By posing as her legitimate half-sister Amanda Wyndham, Gillian hopes to secure a rich husband and help her failing mother.

Stephen Conley, Fifth Earl of Mavenford, appalled by the antics of his new ward, Amanda, must do his duty to mold this wild beauty into a proper young lady. Stephen feels from the first moment that something is amiss. Amanda seems too full of life for his notoriously ill first cousin.

Geoffrey Rathburn, Lord Tallis, is the foppish but good-natured brother of Stephens intended fiancie. Is this the man Amanda will marry?

Greyles smooth writing style ensures a very fast read. Stronger female bonding could better develop the supporting characters. A new plot twist and more vulnerable male hero would have made this book even more enjoyable. Greyles forte in pacing and plot construction are comparable to notable Regency author Marian Devon. SWEET (Jan., 320 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gabriella Pantera