Successful Atlanta obstetrician/gynecologist Lenita "Lenny" Faulkner longs to start a family of her own. She's been with up-and-coming lawyer Ralph for several years and has a feeling he's going to propose. But when Ralph betrays her in more ways than one, Lenny forces herself to re-evaluate her life and priorities.

After finding her fifth-grade diary, which outlined her "rules for life," Lenny creates a new set of rules, including "I will never again put my life on hold for a man" and "I won't make love until it feels right."

Readers will cheer Lenny on as she struggles to deal with Ralph's betrayal, family crisises and her stressful work, while also trying to find herself and true love. This fast-paced, lyrically written and inspirational debut will have readers hooked: I read it in one sitting! (Sep., 368 pp., $13.95)

Reviewed by: 
Samantha J. Gust