Here's a carefully crafted, riveting romance showcasing Hunter's talent for both great storytelling and unforgettable romance. Her strong hero and equally fascinating heroine make this an irresistible read that has both emotional power and sensuality bordering on erotic romance. Hunter finds herself in the enviable position of being a writer whose novels every reader will adore.

Alexia Melbourne is a poor relation in her cousin's household until Hayden Rothwell arrives, shattering her world. She's gone from poor to penniless and he insinuates that her cousin is at fault. However, it appears that arrogant, commanding Hayden is the real villain.

An unexpected turn of events leaves Alexia compromised by Hayden and compelled to marry a man she doesn't know or understand, but who is impossible to resist. Alexia has no inkling she is a pawn in Hayden's scheme to repay a debt of honor. Though he needs a clear head and a hard heart, Alexia makes it impossible for him to think of anything but their passion, how to see to it that the truth and love will win out. (Dell, Nov., 388 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin