Image of Rules of Summer


Image of Rules of Summer

Philbin takes what could have been a trite poor-girl-makes-good plot and turns this book into a must-read by crafting a genuinely engaging heroine. Rory is relatable and likable — someone you would definitely be friends with. The author shies away from an overly dramatic storyline and instead opts for crafting a beautiful friendship between two very unlikely teen girls. Yes, the boys in their lives are important, but it is the relationship between Rory and Isabel that transforms their lives. This great summer read will leave you wanting to book a ticket to the beach with your best friend by your side!

Nothing in Rory McShane's middle-class life has prepared her for the glamour of the Hamptons summer season. Beachfront mansions, exclusive country clubs and fast cars may be dazzling, but the wealthy inhabitants of this exclusive area are even more impressive. Rory is not one of them, however, working for the rich Rule family as an errand girl does give her an inside peek at the high life, although she is not always pleased by what she sees. Especially when Rory runs into the spoiled Isabel Rule. Will Rory find a way to fit into this extravagant lifestyle or will her down-to-earth personality instead change those around her? (LITTLE, BROWN, June, 337 pp., $18.00, ISBN: 9780316212052, HC, 14 & Up)

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Dawn Crowne