Rumble on the Bayou
is a wonderful, poignant
and fun mystery, with
a strong romantic subplot, in which
all the major characters act in intelligent and responsible ways, not taking stupid chances. Filled with likable
and interesting individuals, this
first-rate debut novel is a truly
fantastic read.

When Deputy Dorie Berenger finds an alligator in a swimming pool with a finger in its mouth and a backpack filled with heroin and money, she knows things in the little town of Gator Bait are about to get interesting.

DEA Agent Richard Starke arrives to find a blonde bombshell in charge of the investigation and a town that won't say a word without her say-so. Determined not to get involved with Dorie, but desperately needing her help to catch the criminal he's been chasing for eight years, Richard soon finds that doing one without the other is impossible -- and soon things won't be the same for Richard or Dorie ever again. (Leisure, Oct., 336 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley