Image of A Rumored Engagement (Love Inspired Historical)


Image of A Rumored Engagement (Love Inspired Historical)

A RUMORED ENGAGEMENT (4.5) by Lily George: Starting a new life with her two sisters, Susannah Siddons comes to Tansley Village where they spent their childhood. She’s surprised to once again meet Daniel Hale, whom she believed was still sailing the seas. After the death of his brother, he is now the master of Goodwin Hall — something he never wanted. The fact that he and Susannah have been betrothed for the past three years makes for an interesting situation. They are convinced all they want is friendship, but even that is threatened when the gossips discover their past relationship and their present association. An insecure hero and an independent heroine make for an interesting pairing. Their rocky road to happily-ever-after makes for a wonderfully entertaining tale.

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley