Eight years ago, freelance CIA operative Grace Archer went into hiding when her life imploded. A mission to confiscate two white, blue-eyed Arabian horses, known as "The Pair," from ruthless international crime lord Marvot ended with the death of three operatives and Grace's father. Grace blamed Jake Kilmer, her lover and the leader of the mission. The only upside was that Grace gave birth to a little girl she named Frankie.

Marvot is still hunting Grace because he needs her rare gift with horses in order to force "The Pair" to reveal the secret location of a revolutionary scientific advancement hidden by their former master. With Marvot closing in, Grace needs Kilmer's help to protect their child. But betrayal will force Grace back into the lion's den to save those she loves.

Buckle up, for Johansen opens this book with a bang and never looks back. Intriguing characters and an explosive pace make this book a real thrill ride. You can count on real adventure whenever you open a Johansen novel. (Jan., 339 pp., $26.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith