Image of Run To You (Military Men)


Image of Run To You (Military Men)

This lovely romance will charm your socks off. In Gibson’s second novel that takes place in Lovett, Texas, readers meet characters from the first story but this one stands on its own. The author keeps it moving with a light touch of humor and just enough conflict to make the story interesting while not distracting from the main theme. A real treat.

Stella Leon bartends at a Miami drag bar, often dodging the creepy mafioso owner. She’s getting by, paying her bills and hasn’t had a panic attack in months — until the night a big, muscled man in black slugs her boss for manhandling her, sets off flash bangs in the parking lot and offers Stella a getaway. Beau Junger, a retired marine who takes on security assignments, was sent to track her down and bring her to Texas to meet the other daughter who has inherited her father’s ranch — the father who never wanted Stella. Beau wasn’t expecting the long drive from Miami to be with an annoying yet attractive woman who tests his abstinence policy; he can’t decide whether to shake sense into her or kiss her senseless. By the time they get to Lovett, emotions are swirling, and Stella hasn’t even met her sister yet. (Avon, Oct., 374 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan