Heather Graham's obvious love and fascination with Florida history gives birth to a new series of historical novels set in her home state. The colorful, vibrant history of the state is a wonderful breeding ground for lush, intriguing, exciting stories of courageous men and women, White and Indian who fought to forge empires in this untamed, exotic land.

Running from accusations of murder, Tara Brent is rescued by Florida plantation owner Jarrett MacKenzie. Completely enchanted by her Jarrett marries Tara and brings her the safety of his home. However, they arrive just as war has broken out between the Seminoles and white settlers; war fueled by Andrew Jackson's unjust treatment of the Indians.

Unused to either the climate, the unusual land and the Indians, Tara has difficulty adjusting to Jarrett's homeland. Gradually Tara accepts her new life, meeting Jarrett's Seminole relatives, living among them and rising to fight for their cause with her husband.

RUNAWAY is a panoramic view of a turbulent era in little known point in American history. Heather Graham's Florida is alive with drama, glorious colors, fascinating historical details and interesting characters. Here is a novel that will appeal to saga and historical readers, men and women, because of it's power and ability to transport readers into the midst of a "new" Florida. SENSUAL (Sept., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin