Image of Airhead Book 3: Runaway


Image of Airhead Book 3: Runaway

The latest in Cabot's popular Airhead series is fun and fast moving, though certain aspects may be confusing to newcomers. It's everything we've come to expect and enjoy from a Cabot novel, and, though familiar, it's got a fresh (and understated) science fiction element.

When bookish Em finds herself (well, her brain anyway) transplanted in supermodel Nikki's body, there's lots to adjust. Living the life of a high-profile model, she's also dealing with Nikki's boyfriend, Brandon Stark -- the son of the man responsible for Em's change in lifestyle, so to speak. But Em wants Christopher, the boy who loved her back when she was just plain Em. Yet thanks to some life-threatening circumstances, Em must pretend she's into Brandon. Her life and Nikki's depend on it. (POINT, Apr., 320 pp., $16.99, ISBN: 9780545040600, HC, 12 and Up)

Reviewed by: 
Lauren Spielberg