A railroad tycoons son, Daniel Miller wants to build his dream railroad. He will not be forced to marry for money, especially the daughter of a financier.

As a woman doctor, Annalise Sinclair faces all kinds of challenges. She will not put up with her wealthy father dictating her life, and certainly not planning her marriage. Shed rather run away than be a bride.

Traveling as her friends maid, Annalise makes her way west by rail when she is rescued from disaster by Daniel. She is shocked to find the man she met at a costume ballher potential groom, bound for Laramie.

Little does Daniel expect the enchantress behind the feathered mask to be the attractive maid he helps out time and again. As they are thrown together by happenstance, danger and finally passion, Annalise must find a way to balance her dreams of being a healer with her desire for Daniel.

Meanwhile, misunderstandings and the attempts of Daniels enemy to shatter his dream plunge them into a wild adventure and unexpected love.

A true love and laughter romance, THE RUNAWAY BRIDE is delightful. An enchanting tale filled with strong-willed characters, thrilling escapades and just plain fun. SENSUAL (Aug., 294 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin