LaValle’s debut is exciting and action packed, with a hero and heroine who play well off each other. The mystery of the highwayman is well kept and the climax is nicely done. There are also plenty of interesting characters with stories of their own to be told.

Mazie is imprisoned in a garret because she refuses to give the Lord Lieutenant, Trent Carthwick, Earl of Radford, any information about the highwayman called Midnight Rider. Determined to get the information he needs, he is shocked to discover that Mazie is in reality Lady Margaret Chetwyn, an earl’s daughter. Left penniless when her parents died five years ago, Mazie discovers the town of Radford needs help that Trent is not providing. Trent finds her exasperating and terribly attractive. Is there a chance for a future with her or will her connection to the highwayman and the misdeeds of Trent’s father destroy any feeling between them? (SAMHAINPUBLISHING.COM, dl $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley