Though Evelyn Thurgood Baron sometimes longs to be reckless, she never does anything terribly wild until the day she runs away as a lady's maid to Mrs. Smythe, instead of marrying the man her father chooses.

Luke Deveraux is a man on the run hunting for evidence to clear his name. Disguised as Mrs. Smythe, he plans to find the one person who can set the record straight. All seems to be going well until Evelyn walks into his railroad car. Though she does not fit Luke's image of a maid, he's stuck with her for the train ride, but when everything begins getting out of hand and they leave the train, he's stuck with her for good.

From small towns to the big city of Dallas and on a wild trek to El Paso, Evelyn and Luke make quite a team. This unlikely pair manage to get themselves in and out of trouble and evade the man hired to bring Evelyn home, while tracking down the man Luke is seeking.

Hang on for a wild ride with Evelyn and Luke as they storm across Texas, jumping from trains, evading outlaws and braving hold-ups. You'll be cheering for them to win against all odds. But the most delightful part of Ms. Holm's latest romp is the setting; 1911 is a time when cars were starting to replace horses and women were just coming into their own. Evelyn is a thoroughly modern woman whose aspirations will strike a chord with today's liberated ladies. SENSUAL (Feb., 330 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin