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An unexpected inheritance gives English orphan Evangeline Scoffield an opportunity to masquerade as a wealthy young woman traveling through Europe.

She enjoys her freedom as a woman of mystery until Crown Prince Danior of Bamina accosts her in her bedroom claiming she is the runaway princess, Ethelinda of Serephina.

Though she vehemently denies being the princess, Evangeline cannot convince Danior and when it appears that someone else, also mistaking her for the princess, is out to assassinate her, she is compelled to accept Daniors protection.

It is imperative that Danior and Ethelinda wed to fulfill the ancient prophecy, uniting their kingdoms in peace. Danior will do whatever he must to woo the reluctant princess. His sensual assault wears down Evangelines resolve and once she is in his arms, she wants to stay.

Still, being Ethelinda means that her life is in danger and somehow she must help catch the killers, expose the traitors and help Danior fulfill his destiny.

Christina Dodd uses her magical pen to create a delightful, enchanting tale of a princess for a day. With its fairy tale atmosphere and its truly captivating setting, youll find this a charming, sensual and spellbinding read by a marvelous and inventive talent. SENSUAL (Mar., 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin