Image of The Runaway Wife


Image of The Runaway Wife

The Runaway Wife is a beautifully written and extremely well-crafted tale of the different ways love enters and exits our lives. Coleman manages to construct an amazing story that is so deeply believable, it’s easy to forget that it’s fiction. Readers will experience vividly the depth and range of emotions right alongside the characters in this engrossing tale. You won’t want to put this one down!

Worn down by an abusive relationship, Rose Pritchard clings to the kind words written to her in a letter years ago. Steeling her spine, she takes her daughter, leaves everything behind and heads for the village of Millthwaite, searching for the only person who ever offered Rose even a smidgen of hope. But once she arrives, Rose is confronted by obstacles she never expected and she wonders if she’s made a terrible mistake. At a crossroads, she wonders if she should go back to the life she knew, or grasp her fleeting second chance at love. (GALLERY, Nov., 432 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Lauren DuBois