An action-filled and romance-driven tale that makes for a pleasurable reading experience.

First Maura Fitzpatrick finds graphic evidence of her politically-minded fiance, Jon Casen's, infidelity, then she sees Jon and his henchmen accidentally kill her boss.

Terrified, Maura takes off, changing her look and calling herself Reenie. Matt Hanson is towing an old boat when it breaks free and forces Maura's car off the road. Matt rescues her just before her car explodes.

Reenie stays at Matt's marina to heals but soon Jon makes headlines claiming shes been kidnapped. She knows hell kill her if he finds her. Matt quickly comes to suspect shes in some kind of trouble. Even with the growing attraction between them, dare Reenie involve him in the deadly danger?

(Oct., $6.50 disk, $4.50 dl)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith