Image of Running Blind (Love Inspired Suspense)


Image of Running Blind (Love Inspired Suspense)
RUNNING BLIND (4) by Shirlee McCoy: Kidnapped by a drug cartel while in Mexico, Jenna Dougherty is rescued by Nikolai Jansen. Though injured, she wants to go back and rescue the friend who was kidnapped with her. The discovery of her friend’s body, and the drugs she was supposedly smuggling, has Jenna seeking help from Nikolai to prove that her friend was innocent, but someone is out to kill her. Nikolai is determined to keep Jenna safe and find out why, when all evidence shows the cartel has lost interest in her, attempts are still being made on her life. This entry is short on mystery, but there is plenty of suspense, a lot of action and a well-done conclusion.
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley