Image of Running Free (Northern Shifters)


Image of Running Free (Northern Shifters)

If the story of a formerly feral horse shifter sounds familiar, don’t panic; this author writes this series under two names —the Joely Skye side focuses exclusively on m/m pairings. Zach’s story is just as heartfelt and compelling as his twin brother’s was in the Northern Shifters series, and his tentative overtures toward Sally will make hearts melt just before their relationship heats up. There’s no resisting this horse shifter who’ll risk everything for a wolf child — and no resisting his first steps in trusting a woman who’s not quite sure of her own place either.

Zach is a horse shifter who has largely gone feral, until a small wolf-shifter cub needs rescuing one night. Zach is the only choice the cub’s grandparents have for keeping him safe during the full moon, but the wolves of Wolf Town are concerned for the cub, especially when it seems like he’s being hunted. Sally is the only wolf with enough experience in the human world to check up on the cub, but nothing could prepare her for her attraction to Zach. (SAMHAIN, Apr., 208 pp. $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Cyndy Aleo