Image of Running for Her Life


Image of Running for Her Life
RUNNING FOR HER LIFE (4) by Beverly Long: Big-city cop Jake Vernelli helps a friend out by temporarily serving as police chief of a small Minnesota town. His instincts tell him there’s more to Tara Thompson than meets the eye. Tara loves living in Wyattsville and running her café, but she might have to start running again if her abusive ex-fiancé finds her. As the “accidents” around her escalate, Jake has to push past Tara’s defenses to get her to trust him before he loses someone else he’s come to love. Tara and Jake are appealing and touching, and, while the whodunit is something of a no-brainer, the twisting cast of pop-up characters are still going to keep readers guessing about the outcome.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper