Image of Running Hot (Arcane Society, Book 5)


Image of Running Hot (Arcane Society, Book 5)

The Arcane Society continues to be under siege in Krentz's top-notch paranormal suspense series. The psychic gifts the protagonists possess are a double-edged sword that has indelibly shaped their characters. Treachery
from within and unique forms of
danger make the suspense tingle
and the romance sizzle. Krentz
never disappoints!

When her boss, Martin Crocker, tries to kill her, aura-talent Grace Renquist defends herself. In the process, however, she unintentionally kills him. An extremely strong aura reader, Grace realized for some time that Martin's mind was being influenced by a drug; what she didn't know was that he had joined the Nightshade cabal.

Keeping her past a secret, Grace now works for the Arcane Society's Jones and Jones agency, and her first big assignment is to fly to Maui to identify a serial killer suspect. Former cop turned Jones and Jones agent Luther Malone also is summoned to the location to be Grace's bodyguard. What should be a routine assignment turns highly dangerous when Grace and Luther realize that they've stumbled into a secret meeting of powerful Nightshade operatives. (PUTNAM, Jan., 352 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith