Gold jewelry expert Risa Sheridan has overcome a lousy childhood and a brush with criminality to make herself into the respectable businesswoman she is today. Risa's currently working for Las Vegas casino owner Shane Tannahill, who's fascinated by old gold, particularly Druid gold. Shane is planning an exhibit at his casino, The Golden Fleece.

When Cherelle Faulkner comes to visit, she neglects to mention that she's stolen a cache of ancient, mysterious Druid gold. An unsuspecting Risa is happy to see her old friend, but her joy is quickly tempered when violence and danger follow in Cherelle and the gold's wake. As for Shane, he's always had a strict policy of not dating employees; he may have to fire Risa in order to explore the tremendous heat that is smoldering between them.

The masterful storytelling skills of perennial favorite Elizabeth Lowell place her in a rarified class of authors who never disappoint. Fabulous! (May, 400 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith