When her neighbor is killed, Livvie Larkin takes the woman's two young daughters to be reunited with their father, the general who runs the small South American country of Camaria. She didn't expect the man to be a dangerous wacko with the power to do whatever he wants. Fleeing the palace, she is grabbed by Quinn Calhoun, a man sent to rescue her. Quinn has had contact with Livvie in the past as well as a history with the general—one that means they are unlikely to escape with their lives. Running Scared (3) by Linda Winstead Jones is an action-packed adventure, with sex, danger and personable characters. But flashbacks make the book somewhat disjointed, and the information in them not as important to the present story as it might be. And the attraction between Livvie and Quinn feels somewhat forced.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor