Image of Running Scared: The Sentinel Wars


Image of Running Scared: The Sentinel Wars

Besides strong, plot-driven stories, Butcher is fast becoming known for
her gutsy and complicated heroines. Butcher's books are dense and action-packed, plus they have the bonus of foreshadowing future protagonists and upcoming challenges. Make sure there
is room on your keeper shelf for all of Butcher's books!

Having been raised to fear the Theronai, Lexi Johns is ripe for indoctrination by the cult-like Defenders of Humanity. Lexi is positive that her good friend Helen Day has been brainwashed and is being held captive by Theronai warrior Drake. Lexi also believes she's being stalked by a Theronai named Zach.

Zach knows his time is running out; unless he can convince Lexi to bond with him, he is doomed. When he finally catches up with her, Zach doesn't realize it's all part of a plan to destroy the Theronai compound. Lexi has been positive Zach and the warriors are evil killers, but now she starts to doubt all she has been taught. Could she be horribly wrong? (ONYX, May, 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith