The tremendous team of Howard and Jones reunite to kick off an exciting new contemporary romance series, The Men From Battle Ridge. This story features a heroine on the run and off the grid colliding with a ruggedly sexy, stubborn hero. It also has all the sizzling sexual tension, danger and warmhearted humor you could ask for. Contemporary romance at its finest!

A couple of dates with the wrong man has destroyed Carlin Reed’s life and forced her to flee. And in a terrible case of mistaken identity, it cost one of Carlin’s friends her life. Ever since Jina was shot by Brad Hendersen, Carlin has stayed out of sight and moved frequently. However, with winter approaching, Carlin needs a full time job. Battle Ridge, Wyo., is remote enough that Carlin decides to risk taking a job at Zeke Decker’s ranch as a housekeeper and cook. She doesn’t expect an attraction to a tough and somewhat annoying cowboy. Frighteningly, Carlin’s dangerous past is still hell bent on pursuing her! (BALLANTINE, Dec., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith