Image of Rush (Breathless)


Image of Rush (Breathless)

For the start of this new series, Banks gives us the requisite strong alpha males with their share of kink. They are not warm and fuzzy, but they are definitely men who will make your toes curl. The partners of HCM will challenge readers because they have real flaws, but the characters are worth every moment spent waiting for them to find their hearts’ desires.

Gabe Hamilton is the H in HCM Resorts and Hotels, and Mia Crestwell is the much younger sister of his business partner, Jace. Gabe draws up a standard contract, offering Mia a job as his personal assistant and his submissive. Mia is curious enough to accept, as she’s had her own fantasies about Gabe. Keeping their affair from Jace is a bit tricky, but Gabe knows the time is right. Unfortunately, he makes some really stupid choices, and he’s not sure if Mia will be waiting for him in the end. (BERKLEY, Feb., 408 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins