Image of Rush (Phoenix Rising)


Image of Rush (Phoenix Rising)

Swan’s third Phoenix Rising book supplies some welcome background information about what happened at the chemical fire that triggered paranormal powers in the firefighters involved. Readers also learn more about the conspiracy, which may or may not be government sanctioned. Characters from prior books come together in this story, making for an exciting and satisfying read.

Jessica is one of several firefighters who manifested individualized “superpowers” after surviving a chemical explosion at a government facility. Now, she has left that life and is a successful lobbyist in DC. When former team members contact Jessica with news that they broke into a secret government lab and learned of a prisoner/test subject called “Q,” Jessica does not believe that this man could be her husband, Quaid, who died in the fire five years ago. Soon, Jessica becomes a believer and helps rescue him. The government group wants to recapture Q at all costs, putting the entire team in danger. (BRAVA, Sep., 416 pp., $9.95)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan