Image of Rush


Image of Rush

This forbidden love story between two football players is surprisingly tender as they find the strength they need in each other to face the world. The fear and vulnerability Alec and Brandon hide in their macho personas comes through when they’re together, turning otherwise steamy scenes into something deeper, despite the dudebro dialogue.

After Brandon is nearly killed in an accident, he fears he will never play football again at the level he’s used to. His ex, Alec, is the only one who can motivate him to start training again, and to be better. Both closeted, Brandon and Alec have always hidden their love from the world. They have this one last summer before it ends — but come fall neither is able to let go, or willingly face the repercussions of being out. (FOREVER YOURS, May., 272pp., $4.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Rothschild