Carie steps out of her comfort zone of writing historical Christian fiction and takes a chance at penning a modern day love story. Fortunately, the end result is a slam dunk! It's an engaging story that boasts the importance of a tight knit family, everlasting friendship and the agony of loving and losing. Although the beginning is slow to start and a large cast of characters is introduced right off the bat, the author will gain new fans with this book, as it will appeal to a wide audience.

Madeline Goode's college degree sits on the back burner as she clings to the life of a stay at home mom. After her husband dies in a car accident, she is forced to move back in with her parents with her two-year-old son, Max. Her best friend invites her to an Indiana Racers basketball game and a minor screw up lands her a job as the new foundation coordinator of the sports team, focusing on fundraising and charity work. NBA star Jake Hart takes an interest in Maddie, but as a young widow and now a single mom, she's hesitant entering a new relationship. Maddie has little trust in enduring love and is warned a man like Jake can break her heart. She is just beginning to heal from her loss and must figure out if Jake is worth the risk. (SELF-PUB, Feb. 2013, dl., $4.99)

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