Marzec's book is sweet but strong in all the right emotions. Questions of salvation as well as bitterness over a past murder are addressed and answered when a bitter ex-cop and a disillusioned attorney work together to find a drive-by shooter.

Disabled and still aching over the senseless murder of her father in front of the bar she now runs, Callie is apprehensive when a disheveled but handsome stranger comes in for a drink. The affable Nick has a mysterious look about him, and the cop in Callie wonders if he's trouble with a capital "T."

However, the calming glow in his eyes strikes a place in her heart. When his uncle is gunned down in almost the same spot her father was, Callie gets closer to Nick, but his attitude that the Lord will make everything right gets on her nerves. It's only after attempts are made on Nick's life and Callie's livelihood that she too begins to believe in the power of God. (Awe-struck books, Feb. '06, 313 pp., $15.95)
Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith