Image of Rush of Pleasure (Primal Instinct)


Image of Rush of Pleasure (Primal Instinct)

After eight books, Byrd brings her powerful and passionate Primal Instincts series to a close with darkly dangerous Noah’s tale. The battle against the evil of the Casus has been intense and Byrd has given her readers plenty of death-defying danger and romance. For this finale, two star-crossed potential lovers are forced to face their buried emotions as well as an unceasing evil.

Fearing the curse of his bloodline, a young Noah Winston left town, breaking the heart of Broussard witch Willow. These days Noah is working with the former Watchmen as they battle to stop Casus leader Anthony Calder. Noah and his team may have a secret weapon, if they can translate the spell. For help, Noah turns to the Broussard witches. Willow hasn’t forgiven Noah for breaking her heart, but when she learns that her emotionally distraught sister may have fallen to the dark side, she agrees to help. Time is running out and with his Casus bloodline, Noah is likely to be Calder’s first choice for a new body to inhabit. (HQN, Aug., 378 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith