Noelle St. Clair had the perfect, sheltered life. Getting engaged to a man who would one day be as powerful as her father was the final kiss of happiness—until everything went wrong.

Overcome with fear, Noelle flees New York, trying to get as far away as possible. Her journey ends in a small Colorado town, where she finds comfort at a guest ranch owned by Rick Spencer. Morgan Spencer, who is visiting his brother, is drawn to Noelle, but she resists his charms. Eventually, Rick is able to draw Noelle out of her shell but at what cost? Will she come between Rick and Morgan?

While Noelle's struggles to separate fear, fact and fiction appear accurate and believable, the plot isn't tight enough to hold the tension. Heitzmann writes with vivid imagery and natural dialogue. (Feb., 384 pp., $12.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston