Image of From Russia, With Love (Mediterranean Nights)


Image of From Russia, With Love (Mediterranean Nights)
David Anderson proceeds with the adoption of Russian orphan Stefan. To reach the boy, who loves boats, David books a cruise on the maiden voyage of the ship Alexandra's Dream. Then Stefan's aunt, designer Marina Artamova, arrives. She's irate about the adoption and will do anything to get him back. David is equally determined to keep him, which makes the attraction stirring between them inconvenient at best. An armed truce is all they can hope for -- until they realize the "monster" Stefan keeps dreaming of is real and that nothing is as it seems. Ingrid Weaver kicks off this new continuity series with style. From Russia, With Love (4) is an emotional, conflict-ridden tale spiced with just the right amount of intrigue and sizzle.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer