Image of Rustled


Image of Rustled

RUSTLED (4) by B.J. Daniels: Rancher Dawson Chisholm gets a lot more trouble than he expected when he stops rustlers from running off with his cattle. Jinx Clark knew the cowboy was going to be trouble when he caught her but she’ll do anything to break the rustling gang and avenge her father’s death. Back in Whitehorse, Hoyt Chisholm is being held in connection with his second wife’s death and the disappearance of the investigator who has been trailing him for years. More than that, what’s happened to fourth wife Emma? Did she really leave of her own volition or is there something — or someone — more dangerous involved? There are always layers to peel back when a plotline takes the reader back to this small Montana town and Daniels’ multiple storyline and sharp-tongued characters makes this an entertaining read.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper