Lori Copeland fans will be delighted to see the Brides of the West series continuing with RUTH (3). Filled with emotion, danger and humor, this is sure to warm your heart. Marshall Dylan McCall can't understand the excitement about Glory and Jackson's wedding since he's not the settling-down type. In fact, he has to leave for Utah as soon as the celebration is over, to track a wanted man. Ruth's enjoyment at the wedding is quickly dashed when she receives a proposal and the groom-to-be mistakenly believes she's said yes. She decides to leave town and asks the Marshall to take her as far as Wyoming. He refuses. Eventually, their paths cross again, and together they forge through the cold weather and other hardships. Ruth's feelings for the Marshall continue to grow, but he's determined to dump her at the first city he can—can she win him over? (Oct., 290 pp., $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper