Image of Ruthless: The Faces of Evil Series: Book 6


Image of Ruthless: The Faces of Evil Series: Book 6

Webb’s next installment in her Faces of Evil series is not only a treat for fans, but is going to provide some chills. Jess isn’t just the hard-edged and savvy investigator with a tumultuous background, she’s also a vulnerable woman who is not always sure of the personal decisions she makes in her life. Webb twists parallel storylines together into a more than satisfying climax.

When Deputy Chief Jess Harris receives the photos of three unknown female victims, she knows that the Player is taunting her. The only things distracting her from a single-minded pursuit are the mysterious disappearances of Birmingham children at the hands of the Man in the Moon. Now, another child has gone missing. Jess is determined to bring her home safely and end the man’s rampage. Juggling her current investigation with the ongoing attempts on her life is more than enough to handle — until a pregnancy scare. Jess is a pro at keeping all her balls up in the air, but the possibility of giving the Player another pawn to play with may just stop her in her tracks. (FOREVER, Sep., 352 pp., $6.00)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper