Image of Ruthless Awakening


Image of Ruthless Awakening
RUTHLESS AWAKENING (4) by Sara Craven: Rhianna spent an unhappy childhood in the opulent Penvarnon House as the unwanted niece of the housekeeper. She lived in the shadow of a wrong her mother supposedly did to the family, and now she's attending the wedding of her childhood friend against the wishes of the present owner, Diaz Penvarnon. Diaz can't help feeling attracted to her, and they give in to their feelings, but Rhianna knows they can't be together because of the bad blood between their families. Diaz decides to find out what really happened, and the answers surprise them both. Craven's story has a Cinderella quality to it, and it's filled with interesting, multidimensional characters. The cleverly plotted story, with all its secrets, will keep readers involved.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers