THE RUTHLESS BILLIONAIRE'S VIRGIN (4) by Susan Stephens: Elusive businessman Ethan Alexander shuns the spotlight due to his scarred face, the result of a brutal beating. When his company's newest singing sensation, Savannah Ross, suffers a costume malfunction during the halftime show at a rugby game, he comes to her rescue. To avoid the paparazzi, he whisks her off to his Tuscan hideaway. Savannah's had a crush on Ethan for some time, and after spending time with him it turns to love. Ethan claims he doesn't return her feelings, but Savannah doesn't believe him. The hero literally and figuratively lives in the dark until the headstrong heroine forces him into the light to face his demons. This touching and emotional romance will have readers believing in happily ever after.

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers