Image of Ryan's Renovation


Image of Ryan's Renovation
Ryan McKade is a survivor. He lived through 9/11, but his wife could not deal with his scars, so she left him. Combine that with the miscarriage she suffered, and Ryan decided to close himself off from people. But things change when Ryan's grandfather arranges for him to work for Parnell Brothers Rubbish Removal. That's where he meets Anastazia Nowakowski, who is bent on getting him to feel. Strangely enough this doesn't bother him. Will Ryan take a chance and reach for his happy ending? Ryan's Renovation (4), by Marin Thomas, is a wonderfully touching romance about surviving and finding a reason to go on. Anna is an amazing character. She grew up in foster homes, yet her ability to care is far-reaching.
Reviewed by: 
Kristi Ahlers