Image of The Sabbides Secret Baby


Image of The Sabbides Secret Baby
THE SABBIDES SECRET BABY (3) by Jacqueline Baird: Jed Sabbides is shocked when his mistress, Phoebe, tells him she’s pregnant. At first he denies the child is his, but Jed soon realizes that Phoebe and a child would make his life complete. Unfortunately, he is too late, as Phoebe miscarries. Heartbroken, she leaves Jed, only later learning that she was carrying twins and only lost one of them. Five years later, Jed learns he has a child. Phoebe and Jed’s reunion is rocky, at best, but love, and the discovery of some truths, will see them through. This well-written story features a realistically written preschooler, but Jed is depicted as an unsympathetic character for a little too long.
Reviewed by: 
Rhomylly Forbes