Spanning 2000 years, Barbara Woods novel follows a family in California from pre-historic Santa Monica to the 20th-century.

In a time of quiet peace the Topaa tribes healer, Marimi, incurs the wrath of a rival who places a curse on her family. It is this curse that follows the women from ancient times to the Spanish Conquest, through the Inquisition to the rugged Gold Rush days, to the present when Erica Tyler unearths a cave and hopes to salvage her ruined reputation by proving her find is not a hoax.

This intriguing look at California history and the women who were part of it will captivate readers seeking a more feminist historical saga. Mixing myth, magic and actual events, Ms. Wood has crafted an epic to truly enjoy, one that will also allow readers to become acquainted with little-known historical facts. (Now available, 340 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin