Registered nurses Sinclair, Simone and Hanna share lunch with their church friends, ultrasound technician Tara and vocational therapist Glenda, every workday at Los Angeles Memorial Hospital. They all share the same problem—what are they going to do with their sons?

Simone's son wants to kill her live-in-boyfriend. Sinclair's college-age son has maxxed out the family credit cards and squeezed Sinclair's relationship with her husband. Hanna's handsome son is the kept man of many female benefactors. Ever since Glenda's husband died, her teenage son has been fathered on the streets. And young outsider Tara doesn't understand why the women put up with this misbehavior.

Hudson–Smith tackles timely issues: substance abuse, renal transplants, paternity, gigolos, gang life. But they take away from the book's theme of God's unity in maternity. Too many subplots and too many characters leave little time for the reader to get to know these women. This book would have been better had it been divided into a series. (Sep., 304 pp, $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Dee Y. Stewart